Property Asset Management & Consulting

Asset management is a specialised field of real estate management that involves the supervision of the real estate assets at the investment level within macro and micro economic as well as industry environments.

It focuses on proactive, long-term, strategic and financial planning.

Akani Properties Asset Management services are designed to assist in the formulation, implementation and management of the following strategies to realise return and/or portfolio growth objectives. These strategies include:

  • Sectorial and geographical structure
  • Optimal portfolio asset amalgamation in relation to risk and return appetite
  • Acquisition and disposal strategies
  • Immature, maturing and mature asset strategies
  • Due diligence exercises
  • Best practice management policies, procedures and systems
  • Performance management of the property manager
  • Optimisation and turnaround strategies for distressed property portfolios
  • Development, redevelopment and refurbishment strategies
  • To best extract and/or optimise asset value

Includes budgeting and forecasting. Our services are available in any of the following forms:

  • Once-off review and recommendation
  • Annual review and recommendation
  • On-going asset management, input and advice on a fixed-term contract
  • Specific objective or project related consultancy - advice, guidance and/or recommendations